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Arch Daily
Lindsay Duddy. Nov 17, 2018
A team of filmmakers channeled their passion for architecture, art, and design into the production of an in-depth examination of Maholy’s art and vision for the future of design. More

Kuwait Times
Ben Garcia. Dec 12, 2017
US filmmakers in Kuwait film a documentary on Nellie Mae Rowe’s Life. More

Horisont Magazine
Christer Nilsson. Nov 1, 2015
He’s making a feature film inspired by the Ojnare conflict. More

New York Post
Page Six Team. Aug 12, 2014
A hip Brooklyn crowd trekked to the Walter Reade Theater for the premiere of director Petter Ringbom’s “Shield and Spear.” More

Tribeca Film Festival Blog
The Editors. Jun 6, 2013
The Russian Winter is a stirring music documentary to be sure, but in many ways it is just as much a road movie. More

T Magazine Blog
Stephen Heyman. Apr 20, 2012
Why has it taken so long for someone to make a movie about musician John Forté? His life story certainly has the requisite sweep. More



This Day Live
BlackRock Media. Apr 14, 2015
Marquise Stillwell, executive producer of ‘Shield and Spear’ talks to Asha Tanna on This Day Live. More

Design Matters Podcast
Debbie Millman. Oct 21, 2014
Debbie Millman talks to Petter Ringbom about his years at the creative agency Flat, and how he moved away from graphic design into filmmaking. More

Huck Magazine
Alex King. Apr 8, 2015
Is South Africa going through a new creative revolution? More

Rob Scher. Jul 21, 2014
Ringbom has allowed his accomplished cinematography to tell one story, leaving the rest up to the earnest dialogue of his subjects. More

NBC New York
Apr 22, 2012
We talk with the director of "The Russian Winter," which makes its debut at the film festival this weekend. More



Washington Blade
Brian T. Carney. May 13, 2015
A powerful and important contribution to a crucial conversation. More

The Hollywood Reporter
John DeFore. Oct 23, 2014
Introducing outsiders to a creative scene seemingly far more vibrant than most of us realized, Petter Ringbom’s Shield and Spear finds post-Apartheid South Africa brimming with art, music and activism despite widespread disappointment with those leading its government.  More

Toronto Film Scene
Nadya Domingo. Apr 29, 2014
Shield and Spear is a progressive portrayal of South African artists, and it documents an important, historical period of political action in the country. It’s definitely essential viewing. More

Sheila O'Malley. Apr 23, 2012
The best parts of The Russian Winter are the small observational moments: Forté and a band member playing chess on the train, the moments of collaboration in various studios as the musicians work out their different parts, the very funny "Pushkin's real good" rap Forté comes up in the spur of the moment. More

New York Times
Roberta Smith. Oct 27, 2011
Karl Haendel: ‘Questions for My Father’. One of the genuine sleepers among Chelsea’s sleepy fall shows… More



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